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Service Policy

Customer service


We at VOTECNB believe that it is possible to offer a light and relaxed experience to our customers, without losing the seriousness and commitment to the quality of our business. We want your experience on our website to be pleasant and fun, while maintaining trust and efficiency in our services. To achieve this objective, we adopted the following guidelines:


  1. Friendly and intuitive design, we aim to have our website with a clean, friendly and easy to navigate design. The experience of our  Customers will always be our priority, making searching and purchasing products a simple and enjoyable task.

  2. We maintain clear, relaxed and friendly language in product descriptions and website texts, always maintaining objectivity of information.

  3. We create themed and fun promotions, offering discounts and exclusive gifts on certain occasions or special dates.

  4. In addition to images and detailed descriptions, we include interactive content, with videos, polls, quizzes, related to our products to make your experience more dynamic.

  5. Our customer service is welcoming, friendly, helpful and responsive. We are always available to answer questions and assist in the best way possible.

  6. We share stories and curiosities of information  relevant information about our products.

  7. On our social networks, we maintain a relaxed tone, sharing memes, jokes or light content that is in line with our brand.

  8. We encourage our customers to provide feedback in a relaxed manner, encouraging constructive comments and even humorous suggestions.

  9. We value and reward our loyal customers in a special way, whether with exclusive discount coupons or surprise gifts.

  10. Our competitions are serious and approved nationally and are a franchise of the global competitions.

  11. All our misses approve and publicize the votes.


Even with this relaxed tone, we remain serious about meeting deadlines, product quality and respect for the customer.


We believe that it is possible to be a light and fun online store without losing professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.


We are excited to have you as part of our virtual community and hope you enjoy a unique and enjoyable shopping experience on our website!

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